Cashless is the payment method available at the Kappa FuturFestival 2017: a re-chargeable card that replaces plastic tokens and that converts your cash into digital tokens! Once recharged you will be able to use your Paycard everywhere: to drink, to eat and to buy goods at the merchandising official store at the Festival.

Click HERE to register you Paycard online and wins lots of prizes.



What is Cashless?
This year KFF is again Cashless, a unique payment method using a Paycard that you can charge and recharge with cash or Credit and Debit Cards. The Paycard allows you to pay for all goods and services like food, drinks, merchandise, and more.
Can I get my Paycard before the Festival?
Where can I get a Paycard?
At any of the Top-Up Stations (Casse) on site.
Can I top-up the Paycard with any amount?
The first top-up will have a minimum of € 5. All successive top-ups will have a minimum of € 2.50. You can add up to € 100 per transaction, but the maximum amount you can have on your Paycard at any one time is € 200.
Can I top-up my Paycard when I finish my credit?
Yes, at any of the Top-Up Stations.
What if my Paycard doesn’t work or if it’s broken?
Go to the Info Point next to the Main Stage Top-up Station, show your card, and we’ll give you a new one at no cost with your leftover credit.
What if I lose my Paycard?
As soon as you receive your Paycard, take note of the 14-digit UID number on its back. In case of loss, we will be able to give you a new Paycard with the remaining credit from the lost one, given that you present your UID number at the Info Point next to the Main Stage Top-up Station.

If you registered your Paycard, you will also be able to request a new one after the festival by contacting us at
I lost my Paycard and I don’t have the UID number!
We won’t be able to give you a new Paycard with the credit you had on the lost one, but you will still be able to request another card with the minimum initial €5 top-up at any of the Top-up Stations.
Can I use the Paycard I received at Movement ?
Yes, you can!
Register online at this link and associate your Paycard number at your profile.
Can I check how much credits is left on my Paycard? How?
Yes. You can check how much credit you have left on your Paycard by going to the Info Points or at any Bar, Top-up Station and Food Area.
When can I start charging some money on my Paycard?
You will be able to top-up some cash a few weeks before the Festival. If you have already registered online, you will receive an email with more information.
Can I see what transactions have been made? How?
Yes. You can check up to the last 12 transactions by going to the Info Point near the Main Stage Top-up Stations.
Can I redeem the credit left on my Paycard after the Festival?
Sure. If you haven’t used up all your credit by the end of the Festival go here and register your Paycard on your Movement Account to claim your refund for a small fee up to 48 hours after the end of the Festival. The refund may take up to 30 days to complete starting from the request date.

ATTENTION! Extra credit from Promotions will not be refunded.
Does my Paycard have an expiration date?
The credit on the unregistered Paycards will be deleted after 48 hours after the festival. The registered Paycards will be valid for 3 years since the registration date. Giving access to exclusive services and promotions  for the upcoming Movement Events.
I’m still a bit confused, how can I get help?
Come to the Info Points and our personnel will be able to answer any of your questions!
Otherwise you can write us at

Terms & Conditions

Click here to read and download the terms and conditiond of your Movement Paycard.