Check the FAQ, the frequently asked questions to find the answer to your questions.
We remind you that it is strictly forbidden to bring in:
  • food, bottles, cans, liquids
  • blunt objects (including mobile phone chargers, helmets, umbrellas)
  • drugs
  • sting sprays
  • explosives of any kind (included fireworks and other kind of explosives)
  • inflamable products(sprays, deodorants, perfumes)
  • promotional material
  • laser pointers
  • poles, sticks

The Organizers hold the right to deny access to anyone found in possession of the above items and to report them to the authorities.


Is there any age restriction for the Festival?
Access is garanted only for those over 16.
What are the opening hours of KFF17?
12.00 - 24.00
Is there a cut-off time to access KFF17?
No, you can access it anytime during the event.
Where can I find the Festival line-up?
It will be updated from time to time on our website.
Is there a lost & found point?
Yes, at info point, inside the Park.
Is there a map for the stages at KFF17?
Can I buy cigarettes during the Festival?
Can I access the site with food or drinks?
Is there a first-aid station?
Is there a cloakroom?
Are there merchandise stalls?
Can I access and exit the Festival at any time?
No. Once you leave you will not be allowed back in.
How can I recover a lost item after the Festival?
Write to lostandfound@movement.it.
Can I pay by credit card?
Is there site access for people with disabilities?
Can I bring pets?


Where can I buy the tickets?
You can buy tickets online on Movement Ticketing system, Festicket or Festlane.
I've bought more than one ticket but there's only one name: is it a problem?
No, every ticket has a different barcode.
Do I have to print the PDF or the confirmation email?
You have to print only the PDF.
I've not received the ticket
If the purchasing process was succesful, you can try to check in your spam email.
Can I buy the tickets onsite?
Are tickets nominal?
Is it possible to change or cancel a ticket?
What happens if I lose my ticket?
You can reprint if you have bought online.
If you have purchased it from PR we are not responsible for anything that may happen to it.
Can I access the Festival on a different day than specified on a single ticket?
No. Access is only valid for the day specified on the ticket.


How can I find accomodation?
You can book your accomodation via ur partners, Festicket and Festlane. You can book the room, or the room and the ticket. With Festlane you can book the entire package, ticket+hotel+flight.


What is cashless?

Cashless is our payment method. Your Paycard will be your virtual wallet during the Festival. Bar, food stands, merchandise store and other services will only accept your Paycard. That’s not all: once you register your Paycard online, you’ll be able to access special rewards and promotions, so sign up immediately.

How do I get my Paycard?
Just go to the Top-up stations. Top up your Paycard by either cash or card. Choose one of our special offers to get extra credit. Top-up your Paycard as much as you want right away in order to avoid getting back in line and enjoy the Festival, anyway you will be able to request a refund after the Festival.
Can I use my old Paycard?
Sure. Dust off your old Paycard from KFF16 or Movement 2016 and take it to KFF17. If you register and top it up in advance on our portal you will be able to access more convenient promotions than those applied at the festival, you will have dedicated access and you will take part in a fantastic prize draw. Furthermore, if after KFF16 and Movement 2016 you registered it in time, you will be able to use your left over credit.
You can register it at this link.
How does it work?
To pay, just hold your Paycard against the vendor’s scanner. You can check your credit at any topup station, bar, food stand, infopoint or on the dedicated Paycard portal after the Festival (if you registered your Paycard)..
What if I lose it?
As soon as you get your Paycard take a picture or take a note of the numbers on the back, so that in case you lose it, we can give you a new one with the credit you had left. The best thing to do is to register it immediately on the Paycard Club portal, so you can always access your data.
What can I do with my card after the festival?

You will be able to register here your Paycard on our portal and keep up using your credit for purchases at Movement 2017. Otherwise, for a small transaction fee,  you can apply for a refund on our portal before midnight on July 11.


How do I get to the festival?
You can reach Parco Dora with public transport, lines: 3, 9, 46, 52, 60, 67, 72.
Are there parking lots around the site?

Getting involved

I’m a photographer. How can I obtain a pass?
Get in touch with our Contact Us section on our website.
Do you hire volunteers?
Yes, if qualified. Send your CV to Clever Entertainment.
Are there opportunities to work at the Festival?
Yes, if qualified. Send your CV to Clever Entertainment.