General Info

Gates open at midday and the music stops at midnight on both Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please consider that access controls may generate some delay.

No, once you leave the venue you will not be allowed back in the same day. So be sure to have everything you need before entering and remember to check carefully our Forbidden Items list.

Yes, if you have any experience in one of requested positions. Moreover you will need to be able to work quickly and accurately within a busy team environment and have a flexible and adaptable approach to work. Individuals from outside the EU must be in possession of a work permit to allow them to take up employment. If you meet those criteria, upload your CV at this link.

Not really, but you should consider that the Festival ends at midnight. Please consider that access controls may generate some delay.

Yes, all 2020 tickets have rolled over to 2022. The former Weekend Pass is valid for Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July 2022. If you wish to attend Friday as well, you should buy an additional ticket.

Fill in the dedicated form to be contacted if our team recovers it.

Yes, you can download our official app at the following links:

You need to go to the box-office onsite during the Festival opening hours with your General Admission ticket. Please check the position of the box-office at the following link:

Cashless Wristband

You will receive your wristband at the entrance. Be sure to have your ticket with you.

- Go on the dedicated portal

- Create an account and enter your ticket's barcode number (if you have different tickets for different days, use the ticket for the first day of attendance)

- Select a top-up amount and pay

- Your credit will be transfered from your ticket to your wristband at the entrance

Cashless is our innovative payment method that uses the RFID technology. You can top-up your wristband online using your ticket barcode and pick it up directly at the Festival entrance.

If you still have the old Paycard with valid credits, go to the info point inside the Festival to transfer them to the wristband.

Yes, you can use your wristband to purchase goods and services for the entire duration of the Festival. Be careful to not lose or damage it or tie it too tight. Remember that the access is granted only by the ticket.

It's okay, they are waterproof.

If you bought your ticket on TicketOne, you will be able to top it up with Cashless credits starting from the Monday following your ticket purchase. You will receive a notification email.

Go on, register, enter your wristband number and payment details and request the cashout.


Disabled customers are welcome at Kappa FuturFestival. Nonetheless please be aware that the Festival is on a grass field site and some areas will be hard to deal with particularly in poor weather conditions.
If you are unable to attend the festival without the support from an assistant, we will provide you an additional ticket at no extra cost.

It's possible to ask for the additional ticket by filling the form at the following address. no later than 28 June.

N.B.: The disabled access facilities are for Festival goers with permanent disabilities, so broken legs, recent injuries or pregnant women do not qualify.