Kappa Futur Festival takes place on 6 and 7 July 2019, from 12:00 to 24.00 at Parco Dora, Torino.
In order to avoid issues at the entrances, tickets must be purchased only via our following authorized resellers:
Kappa FuturFestival official ticket shop


Parco Dora:
Guests can easily reach Parco Dora by metro, autobus, taxi, train or car.
Further information available in the dedicated section.

Movement Entertainment Srl holds the right to forbid the entrance to inappropriate guests at its total discretion. To access the Festival, you must show your ticket (on paper or smartphone) at the entrance together with your ID.
Should any issues arise, please go to the Info Point near the entrance.
Gates-open: 12pm
It is forbidden to re-enter the Festival once you leave the site.

Movement Entertainment Srl is not held responsible for duplication or forgery of the digital ticket.
Scanners at the entrance gate read the barcode once and will consider as not valid any further access with the same code.
The ticket grants access exclusively for the date and time indicated.
The ticket is personal and cannot be exchanged or sold to others.
If you encounter problems with your ticket, please contact us at futurfestival.com.

Public Security Authorities hold the right to perform filtering actions on all guests.
Access will be denied to persons that:
- Are under 16 years of age
- Refuse to be subject to Public Security investigations
- Do not respect the prohibitions
- Hold fake/altered tickets
- Already entered the Festival that day
- Are clearly under the influence

Should the guest be unable to attend the Festival, he is not eligible for a refund.

Forbidden objects:
Movement Entertainment srl retains the right to deny access to anyone found in possession of the indicated items and to report them to the authorities. The list of the forbidden objects will be periodically updated.