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Access is granted from 16 years old onward. The Organization holds the right to forbid the entrance to inappropriate guests at its total discretion. Furthermore, we remind you that it is strictly forbidden to bring in:

  • food, bottles, cans, liquids
  • blunt objects (including mobile phone chargers, helmets, umbrellas)
  • drugs
  • sting sprays
  • explosives of any kind (included fireworks and other kind of explosives)
  • inflamable products(sprays, deodorants, perfumes)
  • promotional material
  • laser pointers
  • poles, sticks

The Organizers hold the right to deny access to anyone found in possession of the above items and to report them to the authorities.


Yes. At the Main Info Booth in the Jäeger Stage opposite the Top-Up Stations.

Disabled customers are welcome at Kappa FuturFestival. Nonetheless please be aware that the Festival is on a grass field site and some areas will be hard to negotiate particularly in poor weather conditions.
If you are unable to attend the festival without the support from an assistant, we will provide you an additional ticket at no extra cost.

It's possible to ask for the additional ticket by compiling the form at the following address:

Richiesta accrediti per accompagnatori

N.B.: The disabled access facilities are for Festival goers with permanent disabilities, so broken legs, recent injuries or pregnant women do not qualify.

No, you can access it anytime during the event from 12 to midnight on both Saturday July 6 and Sunday July 7.

Yes. One to the right of the Jäeger Stage close to the entrance and one to the left of the Seat Stage. There will also be 50+ First Aid Responders throughout the venue at all times.

Yes. You can view the venue map on our website and on our Facebook page.

Yes, at the Main Info Point in the Jäeger Stage opposite the Top-Up Stations.

It will be constantly updated on our website and our Facebook page.

No. There is a no-re-entry policy. Once you leave the venue you will not be allowed back in.

Yes. Check on the Festival Map where the Merchandise Stores are located.

No, but inside the venue you will have a variety of options. From the classic burger and french fries, to tacos, pizza, a vegetarian and vegan menu, mixed fried dishes, poke bowls, fruit salads, smoothies and much more. And with 160 meters of bars and water and beer stands you will be able to quench your thirst at any time you need through the day.

From 12 to 24 on Saturday July 6 and Sunday July 7.

Access is granted only for people 16 years and older.


As soon as you get your Paycard take a picture or make a note of the 14-digit UID code on the back of your Paycard so that in case you lose it we can give you a new one with the credit that was left on it. The best thing to do is to register it immediately on the Paycard portal, so you can always access your data and recover your credit.

To pay, just hold your Paycard against the vendor’s scanner. You can check your credit at any Top-Up Station, Bar, Food Stand, Info Point or on the dedicated Paycard portal after the Festival (if you registered your Paycard).

Cashless is our payment method. Your Paycard will be your virtual wallet during the Festival. Bar, food stands, merchandise store and other services will only accept your Paycard. That’s not all: once you register your Paycard online, you’ll be able to access special rewards and promotions, so sign up immediately.

Just go to any of the 40 Top-Up Stations inside the venue. Top-up your Paycard by either Cash or Credit Card. Choose one of our special offers to get extra credit. Top-Up your Paycard as much as you want right away in order to avoid getting back in line and enjoy the Festival, anyways you will be able to request a refund after the Festival.

You can register your Paycard on our portal within 48 hours from the end of KFF19 and keep up using your credit for purchases at future Movement Festival or Kappa Futur Festival events. Otherwise, if you register your Paycard on our portal within 48 hours from the end of KFF19, you can apply for a refund on our portal for a small transaction fee.

Sure. Dust off your old Paycard from previous editions of Kappa FuturFestival or Movement Festival, register it on our portal and take it to KFF19. If you register it and top it up in advance on our portal you will be able to access more convenient promotions than those applied at the Festival, you will have dedicated access and you will take part in a fantastic prize draw. Furthermore, if you had already registered it at previous events within the 48-hour window from the end of the event, you will be able to use your left-over credit.

Online Top-Ups are already open on our portal. Take advantage of the extra discounted rates now, so find your old Paycard, register it, Top it Up your and avoid going to the Top-Up Stations at the Festival and enjoy the benefits such as dedicated lanes at the entrance and the chance of winning big prizes with our raffles.

Go to the Main Info Point in the Jäeger Stage opposite the Top-up Stations and we’ll give you a new one at no cost with your leftover credit.

Unfortunately, without the UID number, we won’t be able to give you a new Paycard with the credit you had on the lost one, but you will still be able to get another card with the minimum initial €5 Top-Up at any of the Top-up Stations.

The credit on the unregistered Paycards will be deleted after 48 hours from the end of KFF19. The registered Paycards will be valid for 3 years from the registration date, giving access to exclusive services and promotions for the upcoming events.

You can have the Paycard shipped to your home or hotel room before the Festival only if you bought a Gold or Art & Techno  Experience ticket.

Yes. You can check the credit on your Paycard by going to any Bar, Food Stand, Top-Up Station or at the Main Info Point in the Jäeger Stage opposite the Top-Up Stations.

Yes. If you didn't use all your credit by the end of the Festival just sign-up on the portal to register your Paycard within 48 hours from the end of KFF19 and claim your refund for a small processing fee. The refund may take up to 30 days to complete starting from the request date.

ATTENTION! Free credits from Top-Up Promotions will not be refunded.

Yes, at any of the Top-Up Stations.

The first top-up will have a minimum charge of € 5. All successive top-ups will have a minimum charge of € 2.50. You can add up to € 100 per transaction, but the maximum amount you can have on your Paycard at any one time is € 200.

Yes, you can! If you register it and top it up in advance on our portal you will be able to access more convenient promotions than those applied at the Festival, you will have dedicated access and you will take part in a fantastic prize draws.

Yes. You can check your Paycard transactions by going to the Main Info Point in the Jäeger Stage opposite the Top-up Stations.


Yes, in Corso Mortara and in Via Livorno at the Parco Dora Shopping Mall.

You can reach Parco Dora with public transportation, bus lines: 3, 9, 46, 52, 60, 67, 72, by taxi or with bike-sharing or car-sharing services such as oBike or Car2Go.


Yes! You must download and print your pdf (e-ticket) from your account.
The confirmation email doesn't give access to the festival.

You can buy tickets online on our website, Festicket or Ticketone.

You will be able to buy tickets at the ticketing office inside the Gate B entrance, unless the Festival is sold out. Check our Facebook page or sign up for our Newsletter in order to always be updated on the latest news

It's not possible to change or cancel a ticket after the purchase. If you a special request please contact customer service at

No. Access is only valid for the day specified on the ticket.

No. Even though there is the same name on the tickets, each one has a different number. Hence just make sure to arrive at the entrance together with your friends that you bought the tickets for.

If the purchasing process was successful, check the spam folder of your email.
From the confirmation email, you would be able to access your profile and download the e-ticket.

No. Unfortunately, a refund is not available on issued tickets.

Work with us

Yes, if qualified. Send your CV to Clever-Entertainment.

Get in touch with us through the Contact Us section on our website.


You can book your accommodation via Festicket, our partner, where you can book the room, or the room and the ticket.