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Talking Futur is a new video format created by the Associazione Culturale Suoni e Colori, Movement Entertainment and PATREON  with the support of the European Cultural Foundation and the CRT Foundation. It brings together inspiring talents working across science, tech and the visual arts with some of the most interesting DJs and producers in the international clubbing scene.


Nutrition vs. Technology

French dj/producer Agoria, an artist capable of going further and deeper into whatever he focuses his creativity and vision on, meets Charles Michel, a true global citizen as well as a brilliant activist and educator with a mind-blowing approach to food science at the intersection of sustainability and culture.

Within this conversation, ideas meant to “evoke, provoke and connect emotions” flow flawlessly – creating surprising new angles and ways of understanding today’s world. It’s about food and music, it’s about technology and evolution, it’s about politics and responsibility; it’s even about ants (you’ll see…). It’s about brilliant minds paving the way to a higher level of consciousness and enjoyment.


Growing up in rural France, Sébastien Devaud aka Agoria first got hooked to electronic music listening to a tune by Kevin Saunderson’s on the radio when he was 12 years old. His next revelation came a few years later when he saw a DJ set by Jeff Mills in Lyon. “It was the first time that I saw a DJ using three turntables and a drum machine. He really created something completely new rather that just playing records”. Agoria started producing and releasing his own tracks in 1999 and gained international recognition with a series of records in 2002, which were followed by the acclaimed album Blossom a year later. He has also founded the French festival Nuits Sonores and the label Infiné. At the end of 2016, he launched a new label: Sapiens. Currently, he is finishing off his 5th album and experiments in other arts spaces: cinema with the Film director Jan Kounen, sound design with Nicolas Becker and contemporary art.


Working at the intersection of science, art, philosophy, community and entrepreneurship, Charles Michel is a Food Educator and Activist who aims to inspire solutions for urgent global challenges. He works as an experience designer in a variety of fields, as an artist using food and the meal ritual as media, and as a consultant in regenerative practices for high-level organizations and companies. In recent years, he has worked on cutting-edge projects in community building, food innovation, hospitality, and experiential art. In his three years as a researcher at Oxford University, Charles published over a dozen articles in scientific journals on crossmodal perception and multisensory aesthetics. Dubbed one of the top chefs in the world, he also starred in “The Final Table” on Netflix and gained a sizable following as a result of his conscious eating mission.



Art vs. Artivism

Talking Futur brings together world renowned techno dj Paco Osuna with Italian Artivist Cibo, in a wide ranging conversation touching on travel, art, consciousness and, of course, food.

It’s a matter of fact that all current economic forces drive us into a world of free circulation for money, trades, goods, whilst creating bubbles of ultra-rich environments. And this has come to also affects the Arts. Both music and street-art have become commodified, their respective industries manufacturing only a minuscule select number of worldwide stars for whom demand and pay are both exponentially growing. But is this really sustainable, in a long – or even short term – perspective? Where should we draw the line between the longing for globalization and the need to preserve our roots? What is the aim of the things we do, of the things we love, of the things we fight for? Paco and Cibo openly exchange their ideas, their experiences, their unbiased points of view. A talk that provides plenty of food for thought!


CIBO, street artist and wall designer, promotes a different type of street art communication that is able to express complex concepts in a very simple way. He has been in activity for over 15 years and is now synonym of Italian artistic excellence and social engagement. His goal is to give something back to the community through art, by transforming messages of hate, that unfortunately often spoil the walls of our beautiful cities into appetizing works of art.


With a career spanning 25 years, Paco Osuna is one of the most renowned artists in the electronic music industry. In 2006 he launched Mindshake, a platform for the creation and distribution of electronic music. Over the past few years, Mindshake has become one of the most important techno labels in the US and Europe. In addition, Mindshake presents events around the world. From 2015, Paco Osuna has been part of Music On, joining Marco Carola in residencies in Ibiza, Miami and NY. Throughout his career Paco has performed at clubs, parties and festivals of great prestige. From Fabric and Electric Brixton London to WOMB Tokyo, passing through Space NYC, Space Miami and Verboten NY in the US, Watergate Berlin and renowned clubs such as Amnesia, Pacha, Hï, Ushuaïa, DC10, Privilege and Destino in his beloved Ibiza.



Space vs. Spaces

Up and coming DJ and Space Ibiza resident Celina Manuhutu, meets up with astrophysicist Adrian Fartade to discuss how to communicate and connect with your audience, whether terrestrial or cosmic!

Is the world wide web another facet of the “real world” too, today? What is the difference between events happening on line and IRL? And how has the way we communicate and operate changed, since social media has taken over our everyday life? What is the safest yet most productive way to deal with social media today as a creator?

Of course no discussion about the above would be complete without referencing one of the strangest (and most difficult) recent times for human mankind; during the last couple years, the pandemic has affected all our habits, our passions, our desires, our choices. How to get out of that slump? Well, Adrian, for example, brings us literally to the moon, and the two surf together through contemporary misinformation, the phenomenon of the hype overload and the tremendous change of the last decade in the role played by an ‘audience’.


Born in 1987, graduated in History and Philosophy at the University of Siena with a course in science and astronomy, he deals with scientific dissemination starting from his YouTube channel Link4universe which has over 420,000 subscribers. It deals with themes of science and astronomy in theaters and festivals because its mission is to make even the most reluctant to get involved with knowledge, with an eye for the new generations. He has three books published with Rizzoli: “A barefoot on Mars, a journey into the internal Solar System”, released in 2018; “Diamonds rain on Neptune” released on March 12, 2019, and “How to catch an asteroid”, his third title released on June 16, 2020. In October 2021, the book “Apollo Credici” is also released, the result of the collaboration with Luca Perri and Leo Ortolani, published by DeAgostini.


Living and breathing music since her childhood, surrounded by a family of musicians and artists wasn’t until 2011 -after ten years of high level modeling- when Chelina and the music became professionally bound with each other. As it is said “true love never dies”. Since then, she has carved out her own space as top-notch DJ on the electronic industry moving to Ibiza where she is usual at some of the top clubs as Pacha Ibiza or Blue Marlin, alternating her summer appearances in the island with one of the craziest touring schedules worldwide lining up at some of the best festivals as Ultra musicfestival, elrow, and amazing and prestigious clubs all over the world. She has now evolved into a unique producer of her own right, and has already several highly quality tech-house tracks lined up for a host on some of the best labels worldwide. A talented, strong and exotic feminine force and one of the most promising artist on the underground music global scene. Purely self-made and unstoppably reaching always the next level, but in Chelina Manuhutu’s career the best is yet to be written..



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