Torino is the deepest, most enigmatic and beautiful city, not only in Italy, but in the world.

Giorgio de Chirico

When in the city of Torino, what immediately strikes the eye are its surroundings, with imposing Alpine peaks that encircle its skyline. The Piedmontese Capital presents itself as a city with a singular charm: emperors traversed it, kingdoms arose in it, and it was thus that power left its indelible marks on it. Torino today is a metropolis that regards its past by looking toward the future, with the ambition of a city that, as a tiny village in the Region of Piedmont, became the capital of both a realm and a nation, only to later become a capital of cars and cinema.

The flavour of Torino is modern-day moderation meets leftover luxury from its 18th-Century heyday. It carries an aspect of youth and vitality, given its numerous locales – from bars to wineries – proliferating in all points, beginning with its centre, Piazza Castello.

The palazzi that made history for this sub-Alpine capital are the city’s shining glories; this is not only the heart of the Kingdom of Savoy but the theatre of Italy’s Unification. Not to mention the residence for the kings and nobles of a certain epoch.

Parco Dora