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Resident of the historic Ultrabeat party at the Goa Club in Rome, Alessia Di Livio, aka Adiel, is one of the most interesting and requested young DJs on the entire Italian scene. A supporter of a techno sound that knows few, very few compromises, for several months she has been carrying her very personal taste around the clubs of the peninsula, garnering acclaim both among professionals and among the public.

As one of the most sought after weapons in Europe, Héctor Oaks' style stands out for its ability to propose something unexpected and highly engaging. As DJ, producer and head of label, his approach to techno stands out for the combination of contemporary sounds with tracks selected from the history of rave culture. Héctor Oaks has been behind the dishes for almost half his life. After obtaining his first awards in the Madrid underground, it was his move to Berlin that gave the real boost to his DJ career. Shortly after his arrival in the German capital, he trained as a sound engineer and released his first vinyl records on KEY VINYL. This start in the Berlin underground world laid the foundations for a career that has developed internationally in recent years. It was the dancefloor that taught Héctor his exceptional empathy and intuition for the sounds that make the crowd vibrate. Constant practice and dedication to music have shaped his style. Known for his stamina and mixing skills, it's his musical selection that truly sets him apart. What seems eclectic at first glance is actually a well-curated blend of gemstones on vinyl. Héctor Oaks seeks the ideal point between tracks connected not by genre, but by vibration and style. As a DJ who plays only vinyl, his selection is fueled by Oaks' passion for researching record stores around the world. Héctor Oaks has become a staple of the international techno scene, with a constant presence in Berlin's hot Herrensauna since its first editions, becoming a resident when the party moved to the legendary Tresor. With his residence in the Bassiani club in Tbilisi, Oaks brings the Berlin vibe to Europe's eastern epicenter. The connection with the scene in Georgia is special. His legendary sets in Bassiani's Horoom are known for their durability and are occasions when Oaks' fine selection and abilities come to the fore. As a producer, Oaks appeared on the club's label, contributing an exclusive track to the edited EP (BAS004). OAKS has also been Héctor Oaks' record label since its founding in 2016. The platform saw the participation of guests such as Prostitutes, Anetha and Ascion. Like the sets of Oaks, his productions range from direct and raw techno to fast paced rhythms.