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Bárbara Lago was born in a small town in the north of Spain. Since 2015 she has settled in A Coruña where she developed her musical career starting her career as a DJ. From the age of 16, he became interested in electronic music participating in events until, at the age of 22, he decided to take a step forward and buy his first console to give free rein to his passion. A year later he began performing in public at local clubs. It was in 2016 that, after having played several times at the Wake Up Electronic Parties, he consolidated his position as resident DJ at El Pelícano. This has given her visibility that has led her to play in clubs and parties all over Spain and Portugal, coming to important clubs and festivals such as Dreambeach, Florida 135, City Hall, Family Club, Lab, Rebels, El Rown Town Madrid... and sharing the stage with artists like Amelie Lens, Oscar Mulero, Paco Osuna, I Hate Models, Fjaak... Her name has always been linked to techno, but her style has evolved since its inception. A time journey that goes from more melodic sounds in its early stages, through acid techno to cold and industrial textures, including genres such as hard techno or trance. His sets are characterized by their energy, in which he plays tracks with punchy sounds mixed with ravy sounds. She is currently developing her career as a producer. He recently collaborated on the album 'StandWithUkraine' with the Berlin label Innergate, which will include his track 'World in chaos' in a compilation.