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Influenced primarily by electronic music from a young age, Frey is a musician who stays in constant motion and embraces change without fear. In his own words: “The more I know the profound mystery of music, the less I feel the need to talk about it. It's a work in progress, there are no words needed.” Thanks to publications on Mule Electronics, Ethereal Sound and Live at Robert Johnson, Frey has outlined his personal interpretation of house music. Well-structured harmonic motifs and mixed phase models define his sound signature. During his sound studies near the city of Frankfurt and thanks to the growing interest in jazz, krautrock and minimal music compositions, his productions have gained ever more complexity and liveliness. This vast sphere of interest in musical culture not only affects the timbre of his productions, but also has effects on various ways of constructing arrangements, developing mixing decisions and on different types of rhythmic structures. Frey's work presents the interdependence between exploration and musical production; his compositions are distinctly influenced by his most recent record repertoire and vice versa. In addition, it aims to evoke a dramaturgy in both fields. “There's always something I feel the need to do and experience. Whether it's a certain tool, technique, or movement that catches my attention. Figuratively speaking, I started playing with my Gameboy and I continue to do it, but with my DAW.” Benedikt Frey is certainly playing with expectations; during his DJ sets there is always that turning point when the tension built so delicately cools suddenly to make room for the final culmination. As a producer, DJ and label owner, Benedikt Frey is eager to be part of this static movement in musical culture.