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For Vivie-ann, being BLOND:ISH means much more than being a DJ. It's about ENERGY and taking its fans to a 'Happy Happy World', a path paved with music, well-being, ecological activism and technology - all with a healthy dose of magic. A DJ, producer, record label director, environmental activist and Web3 entrepreneur, breaking down traditional barriers between artist and fan, uniting her community through pillars of purpose. As a DJ, BLOND:ISH creates sounds that are meant to enhance your senses, open your heart, and make you feel good. Transcending typical genres, his expert selections are transformative, both live and recorded. As an entrepreneur, she leads a Web3 investment fund and is at the forefront of the space. As a philanthropist, she spearheaded the launch of Bye Bye Plastic, a charity dedicated to eliminating plastic waste at festivals and entertainment venues. As a human being, BLOND:ISH is dedicated to loving everyone and creating inclusive atmospheres that bring people into the Happy Happy World.