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One of the most fascinating DJs in the business. A musical ambassador and a veteran of acid house, a techno champion, a pioneer of dance music, label owner, King Of Ibiza - you could say that Carl has done all this, without ever losing sight of his passions: playing music, broadcasting tracks and celebrating life. His official entry into the music scene came in 1986, when Carl Cox moved to Brighton and, like others at that time, discovered what he himself calls 'the pure thrill of acid house. ' 'Summer Of Love' is considered his first hit and at the Sunrise Rave in 1988 he played three-cymbal for the first time. At 10:30 on Sunday morning he manages to make a crowd of ravers who were leaving start dancing again. Since that day, the telephone of the 'Wizard of the Three Plants' has never stopped ringing. Since then it has been a succession of appearances at the most prestigious events, so much so that we can say that Carl Cox has made a fundamental contribution to the history of English club culture, because he was always there on important occasions. Any examples? He played at the inauguration of Danny Rampling's legendary Shoom, collaborated with Paul Oakenfold, and was resident at the ZAP Club in Brighton. After the satisfaction as a DJ, here come the successes as a producer. In 1992 with Perfecto he released his first hit 'I Want You', which went directly to 23rd place on the English Top of the Pops chart! The follow-up, 'Does It Feel Good To You' is a success, even if it is seen as a commercial project and Carl Cox's heart is with house and techno and for this reason he does not choose a popstar career but prefers a return to his origins. The album FACT (Future Alliance of Communication and Technology) is techno and has sold about 250,000 copies to date. In the last five years Carl Cox has dedicated himself to a different project: Ultimate Music Management, which organizes clubs and tours, but also deals with finding new talent, such as Josh Abraham's, Trevor Rockcliffe, Earl Gray and DJ Dan. Carl Cox has played in clubs in the most diverse places: from South Africa to Israel, from Tasmania to Asia. He starred in the film dedicated to English clubs 'Human Traffic' and was able to find time to open new record labels: Ultimatum Breaks and Intec for quality techno and house productions. His career is full of important moments: he has contributed decisively to Radio One's Essential Mix, he has released several mixes and albums. He was awarded the IDA 'DJ Of The Year' award for two years, Muzik chose him as Best British DJ and received awards from NME, Dancestar and many other organizations around the world. Lately he is no longer resident at Base to dedicate himself to new projects: he produces records, writes, remixes, presents, appears on TV and is always on tour around the world