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There are few artists who are building a legacy for themselves like Dax J is doing right now. The British DJ and producer from London has gone from pirate radio to magazine covers, from backroom parties to headlining raves in all the world's leading techno institutions, remaining faithful to the underground with a style all his own. His technical skill, his selection as a DJ and his attention to high-quality production have placed him at the forefront of the global scene, establishing him as a unique presence in modern dance music. Recent awards for his devoted dedication include him in good positions in the survey of the top 100 DJs published by Resident Advisor, DJ Mag and Groove Magazine. Over the years, he has also received nominations for Best Techno DJ, Best Emerging DJ and Best British DJ from Mixmag, DJ Mag and the DJ Awards. He is renowned for iconic performances at closing parties, including two 10-hour marathon sets at the world's best-known techno clubs, Berghain and Bassiani. Also known as a prolific producer and successful record label owner, his distinctive sound remains in constant rotation among dance music's most respected DJs. It's a style that has evolved over the years, but that was first recognized on his acclaimed 2015 album, 'Shades of Black'. Upon its first release on the Monnom Black label, Mixmag named it “Album of the Month”, Hardwax described it as “brilliantly enthralling” and it reached the much coveted first place on Juno Records. In 2018, Dax released his second solo album 'Offending Public Morality'. The album received widespread support, including that of BBC Radio 1, who chose it as their 'Biggest Record of the Week'. At the end of 2018, 'Offending Public Morality' was also included in the lists of DJ Mag, Tsugi and Apocalypse Mag's 'Top 50 Albums of the Year'. Two events that crowned a year of great success were his entry into the BBC Hall of Fame with the release of his first Radio 1 Essential Mix and the choice of his closing 4-hour set at the NeoPop Festival as 'Best DJ Set of the Year'. In 2021, Dax released his third studio album 'Utopian Surrealism', chosen by Groove Magazine as one of the 'top 5 albums of the year', with the track 'Simulated Reality' included at the Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2021. The following year, in 2022, Dax released his fourth album, a response to the war in Ukraine. Resident Advisor described the album as “highlight showing of Dax's range” as an artist. The evolution of an artist: Dax grew up in the UK as a passionate fan of jungle, drum'n'bass and garage. He was heavily influenced by early pioneers such as Goldie, Andy C and Bad Company, and his love for this boiling underground led him to start DJing on pirate radio while still in school. He became an avid vinyl collector, buying his music from London's famous 'Black Market Records' weekly. But not content with playing only the music of others, he also started producing music on his PlayStation, thus beginning the first manifestations of his sound. His first vinyl appearances came while he was still at university, both on Aphrodite & Mickey Finn's classic jungle label, 'Urban Takeover', and on his label, 'Xplicit Sound'. At the age of 19, he had entered the historic London drum'n'bass scene, initially playing in small rave rooms organized by legendary promoters such as United Dance, One Nation and Movement. He also took the road of the ether and had residencies on the pirate radio stations Origin FM 95.2 and Time FM 104.6. After graduating in Sound Engineering, Dax decided to take a sabbatical to travel, a decision that would completely change his musical career. Dax discovered techno and instantly developed a new passion for innovative 4/4 rhythms that would give him a new direction, merging the pulsating energies of European techno with the uncompromising and rough attitude of his musical training. It was this experience that set in motion what became the foundation of Dax's unique sound, a mixture of raw and refined hedonistic night music for abandoned warehouses. It's hard to see what else the young British artist could achieve, since he has already established himself as a techno DJ, producer, head of a record label and promoter at the highest level. What is clear, however, is that his passion for music and his commitment to moving it forward in new and unexpected ways remain stronger than ever, and he remains at the head of the group of those who celebrate the diversity and depth that electronic music can offer.

Not many DJs can claim a meteoric and radical rise like SPFDJ. Having established a remarkable energy, style and attitude in underground techno circuits in both London and Berlin, she is known for inspiring international debauchery and hedonism. Usually operating at a frenetic pace, a journey with SPFDJ takes no prisoners in her exploration of techno, acid, EBM, hardcore and trance currents. It is a style that Ben UFO has defined as “absolutely ruthless”, and one to which more and more clubbers are giving in; a mocking and chaotic gesture of challenge to the serious self-consideration of the dance music establishment. In 2018, SPFDJ was introduced to the residence group of Herrensauna, the well-known monthly party that has boosted and transformed Berlin's queer scene in recent years. Sharing the stage with other residences, this fruitful and (not quite) unrestrained environment has seen SPFDJ's sets become increasingly dynamic and distinctly uncompromising, a key tool in overturning the Tresor basement, making his performance on Boiler Room inspiring and increasingly iconic. Thanks to his access to the pulsating and hardcore underground of techno, SPFDJ founded the label “Intrepid Skin” to showcase the work of his contemporaries and those who produce some of the most demanding tracks in his set. So far, VTSS and Nene H have launched both vinyl and digital music through Intrepid Skin, with further releases coming soon. With a specific and uncompromising musical vision in mind, SPFDJ's monthly residency on Rinse FM further consolidates his ability to speak the language of rave as well as to explore the wide archive of the genre; rediscovering, recontextualizing and reintroducing some of the past and irresistible electronic music productions ever made, his dedicated mixes have conquered both veterans of the genre that a new generation of clubbers thirsty for news. Mixes for i-D and Discwoman have further consolidated its formidable reputation for blending apparently impenetrable sounds. SPFDJ's recent show schedule has seen it regularly appear as a key element in Berghain's cutting-edge programming in the Säule room, as well as in internationally renowned clubs such as Bassiani in Tbilisi, Concrete in Paris and De School in Amsterdam. Deeper into the techno scene, there have been performances at Reaktor's Unpolished, as well as an invitation to play with some of the scene's heavyweights at the MMA closing party in Munich, and participation in festivals such as Dekmantel, Dimensions and No Bounds. She also continues to play with Universe of Tang, the all-female underground techno collective formed in London, whose extremely imaginative and creative parties saw SPFDJ make her first rave experiences, as well as on the itinerant and formidable System.out Sound in Berlin, gaining valuable experience on crude rave techniques, as well as the ability to manage large records on an even larger system. In a landscape of DJs determined to take a stand, few can match the impact of SPFDJ.