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Born in the heart of Madrid, Dani Novoa, better known as Dexphase, is a real emerging force in the Spanish hardtechno, rave and industrial techno scene. From his early days, his love for harder and faster sounds led him to found Blackworks in 2019, an event promotion company for the most advanced music in Spain. But Dexphase's vision didn't stop there. With the same spirit that led him to found Blackworks, he also created the Blackworks Label, the record label for the most innovative and tough sounds of hardtechno. This label has become a space for the best artists of the moment, helping to shape and define the sound of the genre. Dexphase has released several tracks that have been very successful on the international music scene. His tracks, such as 'Neofuture5000', 'Blackworks', 'Follow my rules', 'Melancholic Dreams' and 'Sacrilege Committed', have left a great impression and have helped to consolidate his reputation as one of the most exciting producers of his generation. He has shared the stage with electronic music giants, names that resonate on the global scene such as 999999999, Brutalismus 3000, I Hate Models, Héctor Oaks, Klangkuenstler, Kobosil, Nico Moreno, Trym and SNTS. He has played in the best clubs and festivals in Spain such as Aquasella, Monegros, Medusa, Florida135, Barraca, Industrial Copera and others. However, his influence and passion are not limited to the borders of Spain. His music has led him to perform in distant and diverse places such as Warsaw in Poland, Naples in Italy, Liverpool in the United Kingdom, Paris in France, Berlin in Germany, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Antwerp in Belgium and even in the lands of Argentina, Chile and Colombia. As the leader of Blackworks, Dexphase is not only an artist, but also a visionary and a mentor. Its philosophy is based on the discovery and promotion of talented and emerging artists, offering them the opportunity to debut in Spain and uniting them on stage with internationally recognized names. Dexphase's performances have been praised by renowned magazines such as Resident Advisor, MixMag UK and DJ Mag. His music has resonated with the best clubs in the sector, demonstrating that this great Madrilenian talent is not only here to stay, but is ready to influence and shape the next wave of electronic music.