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The Japanese DJ Nobu is unique in his genre; a DJ without a fixed style, but with a very real ability to draw from a vast musical world and create his own unique sound spaces. Nobu is a sort of cult figure for those who know him, with decades of experience, everything that is distilled in his acclaimed 'Future Terror' party, his' Bitta 'label and his few chosen productions. All this has slowly but surely transformed Nobu from one of the most requested selectors in Japan, to one of the most requested in the world, famous for its flexibility and for being constantly evolving.

Aurora Halal is a producer, DJ and creator of Brooklyn's influential Mutual Dreaming party series and the Sustain-Raise festival. Shady and psychedelic, his live hardware and DJ sets have a nuanced sensuality and metallic intensity on the dance floor that is manifested in playful, dark, euphoric and emotionally vulnerable moments. In all his projects, he treats dance music as an arena for transformation and since 2010 his events have been rooted in an underground and DIY approach that promotes avant-garde sounds, productions and ideas. He has spent the last 10 years in club tours, raves and similar festivals around the world, earning a reputation for powerful and unique performances that involve both body and mind. For 4 years he has been a resident of Nowadays in New York, he is a regular presence at Berghain and previously at De School. Aurora faced 2022 at full speed, dedicating her energy both to her performances and to her production.