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Funk Tribu is a Colombian producer and DJ based in Berlin. His music is strongly influenced by the electronic sound of the 90s and 00s, creating a retro-futuristic atmosphere.

OTTA Øtta seamlessly blends elements of trance and groove to create a dynamic and vivid musical style. His journey from his debut EP “Plus One” to the enchanting sounds of “Candy22" shows Øtta's ability to infuse the old school of psytrance with the rhythmic charm of Brazilian drums, complemented by subtle notes from UK garage. The rise of Øtta's career reached new heights after an exceptional performance at the Boiler Room, where she not only demonstrated her ability to capture audiences, but also invited them into a fascinating kingdom. In this realm, Øtta's signature style unfolds in a seductive universe characterized by floating and warm percussion, round bass lines, compelling melodies and the unexpected infusion of voices. His art goes beyond traditional boundaries, creating an immersive experience where listeners are drawn into a magnetic mix of genres. Øtta's music is a testament to her ability to create a soundscape that is both sophisticated and irresistibly danceable, establishing her as an emerging force in the world of electronic music.