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From the fertile underground of Amsterdam to the temples of techno music around the world, KI/KI is at the forefront of a new revival of rave music. Shaped by the time-tested foundations of trance, acid and techno, it subtly builds its signature: a sound kingdom that is fast but dreamlike, futuristic but nostalgic, severe but - at all times - euphoric. Starting as a resident DJ in the strong queer of Spielraum in 2018, KI/KI quickly evolved into a bastion of nightlife all its own. In the past years he has left his mark with memorable full nights, curating his “KI/KI invites” series, increasing views on Boiler Room and hitting the dance floors from Berghain to Bassiani, from Awakenings to Pitch Music & Arts. As an artist, collaboration and community are essential to the art of KI/KI. As festival stages and warehouses have become his second home, his heart beats even faster for the dark and intimate sides of the nightlife. In addition to music, this art is reflected in all forms of collaboration; resulting, among others, in his project “not for sleeping” with the Amsterdam fashion collective The New Originals. In 2022, KI/KI founded the slash label: a platform that combines the buried “treasures” of his musical heroes, the work of like-minded emerging producers and - not to forget - his own publications. With the production taking an increasingly important role in his art, KI/KI unveiled his first live show in the summer of '22 as the official closing of the Draaimolen Festival. Currently on the verge of releasing more solo tracks and soon launching his hybrid club concept '5HRS OF ACID', the KI/KI storm is just beginning.