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Kobosil is considered one of the fastest-rising techno DJs and producers, having helped to spread a sound that is at once deep, fast and aggressive. Born and raised in the working-class neighborhood of Berlin Neukölln, his musical aesthetic is shaped not only by his education but also by the cathartic energy of EBM, noise and industry. In addition to publishing regularly on the internal label of Berghain Ostgut Ton, Kobosil also manages his own label, R - Label Group, which he uses as a platform to promote the publications of young Berlin producers at the forefront of a dark and tumultuous approach to dance music. It's this combination of darkness and ecstasy that underlies Kobosil's powerful approach to techno.

Clara Cuvé does not give up either rhythm or energy. Her roots go back to the classical piano, in which she has been trained since she was four years old. Clara's deep love for music has naturally led her to start accumulating a collection of records over the years, which she uses during her energetic sets that range from fast and groovy Techno to Breakbeat, Jungle and Hardcore, always focusing on groove and dynamics. After joining the Munich label Stock5 and their series of monthly events at Rote Sonne, she moved to Berlin where she became a resident of the infamous series of Mess events held at the OHM and started touring around the world. In 2020 he released his debut track 'Control' on the R-Label Group's first compilation 'Sektion 1', a powerful pounding Techno with a creepy voice and a hypnotic synth line.