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Born and raised in the Netherlands with its roots firmly planted in Turkey, OGUZ has been making inroads in the electronic music scene for nearly a decade. Still in its first twenty years, OGUZ has assembled a dedicated community that fuels its creative journey. Coming from a country just outside Amsterdam, OGUZ has become a driving force in the international Techno scene, fascinating the public with its hypnotic sets and innovative productions. His first encounters with electronic music date back to 2016, when he attended illegal raves and parties around Amsterdam. OGUZ was immediately drawn to the energy and excitement of electronic music. Inspired by these training experiences, he undertook personal research to trace his sound path, deepening the complexities of musical production and refining his skills to perfection. From these first experiences, he has dedicated himself to his profession and to growth as an artist. 2017 saw OGUZ debut on stage and what has happened in the last 6 years has been a constant rise built brick by brick. One show, one audience and one fan at a time. He has played at festivals and clubs across Europe, from Belgium to France, from Italy to London and from Istanbul to Glasgow, OGUZ's performances have crossed borders, attracting a diverse audience with his distinctive sound. Just as dynamic behind the cymbals as it is in the studio, the sound of OGUZ is a soundscape that is constantly evolving. Born to push the boundaries of his profession and committed to experimenting, OGUZ is constantly refining his sound, making it impossible to trace it back to a single style or genre. With hits like 'GOLDEN SZN' and 'FC Horsepower' that have accumulated millions of listenings in a few months, OGUZ's journey shows no signs of slowing down. He has demonstrated his creative agility as a multidisciplinary artist who spans different genres and musical styles. With a constant stream of new releases on the horizon and a community of fans behind it, OGUZ is ready to further expand its reach and consolidate its position as a pioneer in the genre. Continuing to push the boundaries of his profession, OGUZ remains committed to the evolution of the electronic music scene and to leaving a lasting legacy.