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Seth Troxler moved to Detroit at the age of 15 and very soon began to make himself known on the city's electronic and techno scene, where he collaborated with the Berettamusic label to organize important parties. He knows Richie Hawtin, Magda, John Acquaviva, Derrick Carte and Danny Tenaglia, all names that help him to shape his eclectic style, made up of sounds ranging from jazz and rare grooves to minimal funk and Detroit TechnoHe plays in the most important clubs in Detroit (Carbon, The Works, Forans'...) and works in a well-known vinyl store. He then began to produce music and released his first works on Berettamusic Grey. After moving to Berlin, he released singles on Esperanza, Leftroom and Spectral SoundSeth Troxler belongs to the third wave of DJs from Detroit, his unique style has made him famous all over the world. He has fun, Seth Troxler: “My main inspirations are the sound of spaceships and the actor Robert Downey Jr. especially when he was in his cursed period.” Travel, Seth Troxler: after a musically fairy adolescence in Detroit, in direct contact with great techno masters such as Hawtin and Acquaviva, he has now moved to Berlin. Dream and displace, Seth Troxler: his music is a bold and visionary combination of ultra-modern electronic solutions and references to the noblest roots of techno and house.

As one of the most loved selectors in the UK, Skream has enjoyed a consistency that many DJs and producers can only dream of. His passion for collecting and playing music is tireless; disco, house, techno and everything in between... penetrates deep into his core and lives it every single day. Still in his thirties, Skream has achieved more in the last 16 years than most people do in a lifetime, and yet his hunger and enthusiasm are similar to those of a man just starting out... Skream's story is well-documented; a love for music sparked by his older brother, Hijak. DJ since the age of 11. He started making music at 15 and was one of the main innovators at the birth of dubstep. All before I turn twenty. With his place in British music history already secured, he could have easily relaxed and taken advantage of his legendary status. Instead he chose to make the transition to disco, house and techno, leaving the dubstep world to do its thing, in the typical Skream style. Tracks like 'Rollercoaster' (ft. Sam Frank) and his remixes of 'Need You' by Duke Dumont and 'Infinity' by Infinity Ink have helped introduce the world to Skream's change in style, while his mix production since 2013 has consolidated the change in direction, seamlessly blending a variety of 4x4 styles in all his tracks. In parallel with these crucial releases, he also showed his eclectic tastes during his Skreamizm parties around the UK and the rest of the world, and so a new chapter began. In November 2013, he closed his famous label Disfigured Dubz, unveiling a new platform called Of Unsound Mind six months later, in May 2014. The label's ethic is simple; offering an opportunity to Skream's friends and giving support to strangers out there. Of Unsound Mind has surpassed 50 releases since it was launched, introducing artists like Motions, Billy Turner, Melody's Enemy and Osolot to the world. Skream's philanthropy is the mark of a man who has remained true to himself throughout his career, without lies, just an honest and unfiltered attitude. On the production front, he never stopped making music, using his platform to release a series of techno cuts, spanning a range of textures; from rough to emotional - including 'Face Down In The Water', 'Settled' and the powerful EP 'Chronicles' with Billy Turner. Elsewhere, he has signed a variety of releases for labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Dennis Ferrer's Objectivity and We Are The Brave, which released his killer track 'Poison' in 2018. He has also produced a constant stream of remixes for major labels such as Warner, FFRR and Sony, as well as for some of the most influential underground channels, including Hot Creations, Watergate, ViVa, Snatch! and many others. His endless creativity fueled by the dance floor - the place where his heart is and where he feels most at home. 2019 was not an exception for his creative production and we saw the release of 'Song For Olivia' dedicating the track to his newborn daughter, the single combines elements of carefree disco and emotional trance with mastery. Taking advantage of a synthetic retro feeling from the 80s. An artist renowned for continuously reinventing his sound, 'Song For Olivia' marks the beginning of another chapter in the history of Skream. This can be seen with the follow-up single 'Ectogazm' which was backed by an infectious piano, 'Ectogazm' recalls the golden age of rave, while simultaneously offering something new and fresh. It is a track destined to end up on countless dance floors. With more than 2.2 million combined streams so far, it has been supported by underground A-listers such as Krystal Klear and The Black Madonna, received radio airplay from personalities like Danny Howard, Pete Tong and Mistajam, as well as being crowned 'Hottest Record in the World' by Annie Mac. In addition to this, the renowned artist has released labels such as RUKUS with a 2-track techno EP entitled 'DUNNN', Solid Grooves that supported Skream long-term with Otto's Chant & Pussy Pop, as well as finding time in his busy schedule to release killer remixes for DJ Fresh, CamelPhat and Declan McKenna. In recent years, Skream has shown the depth of his musical knowledge at his 'Open To Close' parties, playing all night in clubs around the world; every step of the way he has played in sold-out clubs, full of people there just for him. The name Skream is now so synonymous with quality that raves will gladly pay a ticket to watch it play all night long, simply because they believe in its ability to entertain them for eight hours or more. For Skream, this is a dream come true, the epitome of success. Gaining that kind of trust from the dance floor is rare, and keeping it is even more extraordinary, but Skream is no ordinary artist and his commitment to music and his fans is unmatched. “There was never another option,” he says, and that's why he will continue to be one of the most highly regarded electronic music artists in the UK, keeping the tradition of British rave culture alive to the end... In 2020 and with the whole world on hiatus, Skream took the opportunity to immerse himself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the studio, working on any genre that wanted to advance his studio skills, collaborating with artists from all over the electronic spectrum such as Franc Moody, Rudimental, Lauren Flax and Octave One, to name a few. The result of his dedication and study sessions means not only that he is now armed with a catalog of unreleased music, but he has also created his new label called 'I Feel' which will be a reference point for him to publish whatever genre he feels like. Skream's current attitude to playing what he wants musically has seen him deliver a married sound of home and brand-new, avant-garde techno linked to everything that crosses his musical landscape. The result is that his historic productions sound more avant-garde than ever. Offering club and festival sets full of house, techno, dubstep, UK Garage, grime, funk, disco then the Skreamizm series of events has been reborn. Skreamizm has allowed Skream to curate lineups in whatever genre they could hear at venues and festivals across Europe, including Amnesia Ibiza, Koko, Nitsa, Outlook with talents ranging from brand-new artists to headliners who come together only in the way Skream can.