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Shlømo is a French producer and performer who has gained notoriety thanks to his extremely varied musical productions, ranging from direct and powerful techno to ambient and IDM tracks. He is resident at the renowned parties Possession and Tama (one of the main clubs in Poland). He made his first appearance in 2013 on his label TAAPION, where over the years he has released numerous projects and has contributed to various EPs and compilations. After releasing on established labels such as Delsin or Arts and performing in key venues such as Berghain and the Awakenings, Shaun Baron-Carvais decided to launch a new label called SAIKE. But it doesn't stop there: Shaun has recently started two new projects. VIPER DIVA, reborn and now one of his exclusive projects, has released the first single “Born to be Slytherin”, counted among the best techno tracks of 2020. The second chapter, 'Snake Does Cry', has definitely sanctioned Viper Diva as an anthem with trance vibrations, offering equally inspired and prolifically creative music. In addition, it launched the series of parties entitled 'WELCOME BACK DEVIL', which is held around the world.