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Silvia Paternuovo, aka Sizing, was born on March 4, 1996, and emerges in the music scene as a DJ and producer. His artistic career began in Rome, in 2017, thanks to a sound production and synthesis course, which will end in 2019, allowing the artist to move to the symbolic city of electronic music in Italy: Turin. Under the mole, his artistic taste takes shape, and he begins to experiment with the sounds that characterized electronic music of the 90s, in particular techno and techno acid. His career began with his residency in the evening [OVER], which is held regularly at the Audiodrome Club, a venue that has been configured in the Italian music scene as a necessary stop for lovers of the genre. In 2022 he appeared in the line up of the Kappa FUTUR festival, an event that has been held for 10 years in the city of Turin, bringing together all the major exponents of international electronic music.