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British DJ and producer Paul Woolford has released an impressive number of dance records and remixes in a wide range of styles. Whether he's producing Chicago-style house or jungle hardcore, the common factor in his work has always been bold and energetic rhythms, finely tuned to achieve maximum club impact. He has released records and mixes on underground labels such as Hotflush and Aus Music, as well as on mainstream dance institutions such as Positiva and Ministry of Sound, and has gained greater visibility through his remixes for artists such as Disclosure, Depeche Mode and Tom Walker, in addition to collaborations with Karen Harding and Diplo. Initially using Bobby Peru as his main pseudonym, he achieved underground club success with the 2006 minimalist and psychedelic single 'Erotic Discourse', which preceded the acclaimed 2008 album entitled 'The Truth'. Woolford's profile expanded during the 2010s with the arrival of additional club hits such as 2013's' Untitled ', in addition to the introduction of his alias Special Request, which paid homage to pirate UK radio stations on releases such as the 2013 album 'Soul Music' and the 2017 mix 'Fabriclive 91". While Special Request continued to push the limits of jungle and breakbeat with releases like 2019's' Vortex 'and 'Zero Fucks,' Woolford released some of its most successful mainstream club material under its real name. He collaborated with Chicago house diva Kim English on the 2018 FFRR single 'Hang Up Your Hang Ups' and with Newcastle singer and songwriter Karen Harding on 'You Already Know', released by Positiva in 2019. 'Looking for Me', a collaboration with Diplo and Atlanta singer Kareen Lomax, appeared on Higher Ground in 2020. In addition to remixes for artists like Róisín Murphy and Sigrid, 2021 brought Woolford's single 'Heat', which featured Amber Mark.

Anz is a Manchester-based DJ and producer. Renowned for her productions and mixes that span various genres, she discovers the links between Electro, UK Garage, Jungle and more, advocating a versatile approach to contemporary UK club music, bright as it is unpredictable. His debut EP was released in the summer of 2017 - praised by other major figures in the UK club scene for its playful, high-energy sound. Looking ahead a few years, Anz has received critical acclaim with its fast-paced releases, mix of acclaimed annual productions, winning shows on NTS Radio and a residency on BBC Radio 1 in 2021. Expect adventures with extensive tone changes, homages to seminal scenes, and an abundance of vibes.